What Do You Know About Outside Antenna Of A Signal Booster?

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Cell Signal Booster
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Cell Phone Booster

A cell phone booster is an electronic device that increases the strength of the cell signal to a usable level if you are experiencing poor cell reception in your area. The signal booster has three components that are necessary for boosting the cell signal. They are the outside antenna, the amplifier, and the inside antenna. The purpose of the outside antenna is to capture the existing outside signal and send it to the amplifier unit.

Different Types Of Outside Antennas

The outside antenna or the exterior antennas are mainly of two types; an omnidirectional antenna and a unidirectional antenna.

Omnidirectional Antenna

These types of antenna are made in cylindrical shapes for capturing cell signals from all directions. An omnidirectional antenna can capture cell signal from a 360° field. The antenna will ensure an improved cell reception if it is mounted on a spot where the cellular reception is comparatively better.

An omnidirectional antenna is an ideal option for the houses that are surrounded by multiple cell towers and still not getting a proper cell signal due to the obstructions that block the signal. it is also helpful to boost cell signal of multiple network carriers.

Omnidirectional antennas are very suitable for places where the signal reception is low but not less than -90 dBs. These types of antennas are mainly used in places where the internal interference is more and also in buildings where the number of users is high.

Unidirectional Antenna

This type of antenna is specifically designed to receive cell signal from one direction. Unidirectional antennas are of two types. They are Yagi antennas and Log periodic antennas.

Yagi antennas are the most popular antennas for a cellular repeater system. It is very powerful than omnidirectional antennas. This type of antenna can receive cell signals from a 90-degree angle and has the capacity to capture cell signals from a very long distance. A yagi antenna is the best option if you only have one cell tower near your home or office.

Log antennas or log-periodic antenna are more powerful than yagi antenna and they are also designed for capturing cell signals from a single direction. The main difference between a log antenna and a yagi antenna is that log antenna has at least 10 times more field radius than a yagi antenna. Log antennas are necessary when you live very far away from the nearest cell tower.