Tips For Improving Slow Phone And Internet Performance

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Many different things can reduce the speed of your mobile device and the internet service of it, including the software program the device runs on. Usually, the causative factor for it is the cellular signal itself, but it can also be a hardware-related issue. So, whether you are wondering how to increase phone signal or fix the issue in other ways, we have got you covered.

Look For Updates

Software companies continuously release updates to their smartphone software programs, so you should install these whenever they become available. You must do it because software updates are likely to have security upgrades and bug fixes. Usually, mobile software programs notify when the latest updates are available, but this may not happen if you have disabled this option in the settings. So, check for the update manually to know whether it is available to you.

You will see the option to look for updates on your iOS or Android phone’s Settings application.

Close Your Unused Applications

Leaving applications open in the background is likely to negatively affect your device and internet speed. So, check to see whether there is any program you have opened 14 days ago and not yet closed on the device. Applications that utilize your device location work with mobile internet, so make the effort to just close these apps when you need not use these. This could just improve your phone performance and internet speed.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Your operating system would sort much data if you browse the internet very often. This is likely to make files corrupted, which can slow down the browser. With this issue in mind, clear the cache frequently to free up a little bit of storage space. Here is how to do this on Android and iOS, respectively.

  • Open the Settings application on iOS, go to Safari, and select Clear History and Website Data.
  • Open the Settings application on Android, tap Storage, open Other Apps, discover the mobile browser concerned and select Clear Cache.

Offload Your Unused Applications

Apple iPhones have the options to ‘offload’ applications, whereas you can delete unused apps on Android devices. This way, it is possible to free up device storage without removing that application’s data. You may check to see which applications use the largest storage and delete according to how often you use these. A good thing is that you may install the said apps in the future and have the data of these.

Do A Full Factory Reset

Do you still experience sluggish phone and cellular data internet performances? If yes, you might want to set the device back to how it was when you first bought it. Doing this means you will not have all pieces of data stored on the device, including photographs and contacts. In the event you will require anything in the future, be sure to back up that data before proceeding with the reset process. Or else, you will lose every data on the device forever.

Exchange It For A Latest-Model Phone

It is unfortunate that no mobile device can last forever. Have you attempted to do every trip and trick mentioned above but to no avail? If yes, then you might have to shop for another phone. A good thing is that most major mobile phone brands offer good discounts in exchanges with older, eligible models. Even if your present phone has a slight scratch somewhere, a vendor is likely to accept it as an exchange item for a new device.

Cell phones progress fast, so the continuous release of newer models can offer quicker device and internet speeds.

Spend Money On A Booster

Do you feel that your phone, its hardware, or software program is not causing the issue? If yes, a lack of strong signals is likely to be the reason for it. In this case, you might want to put money on a cellular signal booster as a way of improving mobile data speeds.

Improving the speed of the internet is only one of the many different benefits of purchasing a signal amplifier. It can also improve the quality of your voice calls and will enable delivering text messages more quickly.

The booster system works in a simple way with two antennae and an amplifier. One of the antennae should be set up just outside the building, and it picks up the signal that comes from the nearest tower. The other antenna has to be installed indoors, and it rebroadcasts the signal in a boosted form. The signal booster acts as a link between the two forms of antennae.

A good thing with boosters is that vendors offer these with money-back guarantees. This means if the product does not work for you, its vendor would return your purchase amount if the transaction happens in the stipulated number of days.