How To Find Cell Tower Locations Near You To Install Cell Phone Booster

Cell Phone Service Booster
Cell Phone Service Booster
Find The Nearest Cell Tower
Find The Nearest Cell Tower

The proximity to a cell tower decides the strength of the cell phone reception. When the distance between the cell tower and cell phone increases, you will see signals getting weaker. The best available solution to signal issues is the installation of cell phone boosters.

Cell phone booster has three major parts, namely external antenna, amplifier, and the internal antenna. The external antenna captures the available cellular signals at your location and hence has to be installed at a point that is closest to the cell tower in your location.

So how do you find the nearest cell tower? This article focuses on the possible ways to find the nearest cell tower.

Tower Maps

Most of the carriers operating in a country show their coverage maps on their website. However, a more reliable method would be to look up third party websites that give tower maps helping you to pinpoint tower locations of various carriers.

Power Button

In an attempt to reduce the consumption of battery power, cell phones lock the signals of the closest cell tower before saving them. It indicates that your phone might be using saved cell towers that are not necessarily the closest. To reconnect to the closest cell tower, you can power off your cell phone and turn it on after a few seconds. When the phone powers on, its memory will reset to the nearest cell towers.

Signal Meters

Signal meters enable you to test the strength of the signals available at your place. You can move around with the signal meter in and around your location to find out the signal strengths. The point where the signal meter displays the strongest signal would be the closest to the cell tower. After determining the point closest to the cell tower, you may go ahead with the installation of the cellular signal booster antenna.

Use The Phone Antenna

Signal strength can be analyzed using multiple methods, and using a cell phone to test signal strength is one of them. Measuring signal strength in decibels offers the maximum accuracy. A Signal meter uses this approach. However, in cell phones, the bars on the screen represent the decibel strength of signals. Full bars represent signal strength near to -50 dB while a lesser number of signal bars represent signal strengths close to -110 dB.

Unless you have figured out the point in your location that is closest to the cell tower of your location, you cannot even start the initial steps of signal booster installation. Hence follow any of the above-discussed methods to find out cell towers closest to your location.