Types Of External Antennas For Cellular Signal Boosters

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Cell Phone Service Booster
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Cellular Signal Booster

Many suggest installing a cellular signal booster as an immediate solution to various issues with cellular network that are caused by multiple factors. The device has a relatively simple working mechanism owing to its minimal number of parts. The antennas and the amplifying unit are the major components of a cell phone booster and the antenna choice depends upon on the location of signal booster installation.

A signal booster system has external as well as internal antennas that respectively capture external cellular signals and rebroadcasts boosted signals to the reception point. In this session, we discuss about the different types of antennas.

External Antenna For Homes And Buildings

Mobility issues do not affect homes and buildings as they have an unchanging location. Two types of external antennas for homes and buildings are:

Omni-Directional Antennas

Omni-directional antennas can receive cellular signals from all directions as they work in 360 degree angle. They suit best if you live in an area where there are multiple cellular towers as the antenna act as all round performers.

Unidirectional Antennas

They are also called yagi antennas and unlike omnidirectional antennas, they work in 45-degree angle offering a focused approach. Remote locations and rural areas often will have a single cell phone tower and the external antenna has to capture the signals from the sole cell tower and send it to the amplifying unit. Unidirectional antennas serve the purpose so well.

External Antennas For Mobile Vehicles

Network issues become complex when we are in moving vehicles because our cell phones continuously shift from one cell tower to the other. Hence, separate external antennas are designed for mobile vehicles.

Magnet-Mount Antennas

They are standard antennas for cars and are not longer than 12 inches because larger size will compromise the cosmetic look of the car. The antennas have a strong magnetic base and are mounted on top of vehicles.

RV/Trucker Antenna

Unlike cars, trucks and RV are driven in harsh conditions and the antennas for them are made powerful and long lasting. The external antennas usually have a 2 to 3 feet length and come with radicals or are spring mounted. The trucker antennas are usually spring mounted to absorb shocks caused by rough terrains or pot holes on roads.

Roof mounted antennas are often drilled on to the roof of the vehicle and non-magnetic options require a special mount.

The whole process of signal boosting starts from the external antennas, and selection of the ideal external antennas for your cell phone booster is quintessential to ensure the efficacy of signal boosting.