Tips For Installing A Signal Booster At Your House

Cell Phone Repeater
Cell Phone Repeater
Cell Phone Repeater
Cell Phone Repeater

A cell phone repeater is very essential if your house is located far from the nearest cell tower or in a densely populated area. In both situations, you won’t be getting a good cell signal and need a signal booster to increase your signal strength.

Here are some easy steps to install a signal booster at your home.

Find A Good Outside Signal

The first step in the installation process of an in-house cell phone booster is the installation of the outside antenna. For that, you need to find which part of your house receives the best outside signal. You can walk around the perimeter of your house with your smartphone and look at the number of bars to identify the best spot. This is a crucial step in the installation process.

Install The Outside Antenna

Once you figure out which area of your house receives the best outside signal, then it is time to install the outside antenna of the signal booster system. When you mount the antenna, make sure that it is mounted as high as possible. The roof of your house will be the ideal spot to mount the outside antenna. It is important to make the outside antenna point in the direction of the nearest cell tower.

Install The Amplifier

After mounting the outside antenna, the next step is to install the amplifier unit. For installing the amplifier unit, select a location near a power outlet. The amplifier should not in a place that gets direct sunlight, but the location should have good ventilation.

Install The Inside Antenna

For mounting the inside antenna, you need to figure out the area of your house where you need better cell reception. You can mount the inside antenna on the wall or the ceiling. There should be at least 20 feet vertical and 50 feet horizontal distance between the outside and inside antenna to ensure the smooth functioning of the device.

Connect The Antennas To The Amplifier

Once all the three components are perfectly positioned, you can connect the outside and inside antennas to the amplifier using a coaxial cable. You can run the cable from the outside antenna through your attic or through your window for connecting with the amplifier unit.

Power On

Once all the antennas are connected to the signal amplifier unit, you can plug in the power supply to the amplifier. The amplifier will power up and you will see the green light, which means you are getting a stronger cell signal. Check your cell phone to see how much boosted signal you are receiving.