How To Find Locations Of Cell Phone Tower Near You?

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The distance from your nearest cell tower location and obstacles can potentially cause signal problems wherever you are. The location of the tower helps to determine the next step that has to be taken to improve cellular signal. In some cases, you might have to rely on a mobile signal booster. We will help you find out which is the nearest cell tower to your location and will also discuss about some tips to get better signal.

Tower Maps

Mobile signal service providers in the US gives the information related to where their towers are located. However, to pinpoint the location of any tower, you have to rely on third party sites. The best choice for this is the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Most antennae’s are registered with them and information regarding the same is frequently updated. Because of this, the data won’t be as comprehensive as you need.

Power Button

Cell phones are designed to optimize their usage and battery life is one of the factors that they consider important. They save the nearby tower data and end up receiving signals from them even when there are other towers close by. Your cell phone could be using the carrier reception from these saved towers and not from the nearest towers- which is easier to detect.

Switch off and then switch on the mobile phone. When this is done, the phone will reset its memory which will enable it to find the closest towers.

Using Smartphone Apps

Sometimes, finding the nearest tower to your location or car is as easy as using a smartphone. We have apps to check blood sugar level, book flights and whatnot. Our technology has evolved so much that we have apps to find mobile towers too. Android users can use network cell or OpenSignal apps.

Use Phone Antenna

You can also use a mobile antenna to endure that that your cell signal is working. Using the mobile antennae, you can find the nearest phone tower. If cell signal (in dB) is very strong (with full bars), then the signal strength is between -50dB and -70dB.

If the place you are in has no cell towers nearby, you can consider getting a mobile signal booster which is the best solution.