Guide To Choosing The Best Signal Booster

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Signal booster is a feasible solution to the signal issues that trouble you due to multiple factors like location features and shifting between tower locations while travelling.  Cell phone booster is the device that can efficiently boost the weak cellular signals available at a location and rebroadcast it to our cell phones, facilitating quality communication.

The design, as well as the working of the device is quite simple, but as a multitude of options is available in the signal booster category, you have to take various factors into account before you choose a signal booster for your home or vehicle.

Here are some of the important factors that should be considered when you buy a cellular signal booster.

Uplink And Downlink Power Of The Amplifier

Quality of uplink and downlink signals is crucial in deciding the effectiveness of voice calls. When your cell phone receives good uplink signal, your voice will clearly reach the other party while you make a voice call. If your cell phone has good downlink signal connection, the voice of the other party will reach you clearly without distortions.

While you buy a signal booster, ensuring the uplink and downlink power of the amplifier is quintessential, as the overall quality of voice calls depends on the uplink and downlink power of the amplifier.

Decibel Gain Of The Amplifier

The strength of cellular signals falls in the range -50 dB to -120 dB, with signals becoming weaker while nearing to the -120dB limit. In fact, -120dB corresponds to a dead zone. The signal gain of the amplifier indicates the extent to which a cellular signal is boosted.

Make sure the decibel gain of the booster for homes is not less than +70dB and the decibel gain for vehicle signal boosters is not less than +25dB.

Strength Of The Outside Signal 

The strength of the outside plays a crucial role in the selection process of cell phone booster. Before you buy a signal booster, find out the strength of the cellular signals available at your place, possibly by using a signal meter. If needed, you may get the help of an installer to test the signal strength.

The decibel gain and type of the signal booster will depend on the signal strengths available in your area.

Several other factors like antenna type, number of users, as well as required cable length influences the section process of cell phone boosters.