Famous Myths About Cellular Signal Boosters

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster

We, human beings, carry around beliefs about many things which we are not well aware of. Sometimes, it is about the Bermuda triangle, and other times, it can be about a thing that is not that hard to be found, like a cellular signal booster.

Since mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives, a small disruption in its signal can affect our schedule adversely. With the influence it has on us, it can make us lose our minds in minutes. Some of us use cellular boosters to ensure that we don’t face such difficulties.

Cellular signal boosters are devices that amplify carrier signals from mobile phone network towers and send it out for our phones to detect easily. In short, its purpose is to make the tower signal strong. But, do we really know about cellular boosters? Let’s have a look at few misconceptions regarding this device.

Boosters Work Only When There Is A Signal Outside

Is it true? To know the answer, you should know how a cellular booster works. These devices detect carrier signal from towers using antennas and amplify these signals. A second antenna lets these signals out into the atmosphere for the mobile phone to detect. Now, the question is will the device work without a carrier signal? The answer is NO. It will not. In fact, if the signal outside your house is hardly detectable, the cellular booster will not pick it up.

Cellular Boosters Emit Meagre Radiation

Just like other devices, mobile signal boosters also give out radiations. But in very less quantity similar to that from a hairdryer or washing machine. This small radiation is caused by the antenna and amplifier. Since the outer antenna is outside, the amount of radiation will be lesser.

Boosters Decrease Electronic Radiation From Mobile Phones

A mobile phone in a remote location will burn more energy searching for signals and consequently emit more electronic radiation. By using a cellular booster, you will reduce the workload on mobile phones. Hence, reducing the electromagnetic radiation it emits.

Cellular Boosters And Mobile Phones Work On The Same Frequency

The function of GSM/3G/4G cellular booster makes it compulsory for ti to work in the frequency as the tower carrier signal and mobile phones.

More Than One Mobile Phones Can Connect With The Same Cellular Booster

The capacity of a cellular booster will depend on the purpose for which it was made. A cellular booster made for a home will amplify only for few phones, whereas one made for a library, will amplify for many phones.