Comparison Between 5G and All The Other Generations

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We, humans are always evolving. Probably, the humans of the next century will be better than us, just like how Gen Z’s are better than the Millennials. They are super brilliant and are adept in the latest technologies which even the older Millennials have not been able to handle.

It is commonly observed that as generations grow, technologies become better. The iPhone 10 is better than the iPhone 6 when it comes to features, quality, and other attributes. Similarly, the phones, cars, televisions, etc which are yet to arrive are also going to be better than what the world has now.

This can be due to the contact research conducted on them and the demand for better products. When the world was busy using the internet on desktops, scientists developed phones with which could be used to access the internet. Later came the smartphones which are almost replacing laptops. Similarly, the internet connectivity improved from “just available for necessity” to 3Gs and 5Gs. 5G is relatively new because of which not many know of its benefits. Although we can be sure that 5G is better than 4G or 3G, how modified is it?

Let’s compare the older and recent generations of LTE.

Network Speed

Times have changed. The speed of your internet connection decides how much work and how efficiently you do it. Hence, internet speed is an important factor, and something we cannot compromise. Internet connectivity is what people give most significance to while choosing to buy a sim card. So far, 5G is the fastest and in fact, it is so progressive that 4G is almost 10 times slower than 5G.

Generation 2G 3G 4G 5G
Top Speed 0.3 Mbps 42 Mbps 1Gbps 10 Gbps
Average Speed 0.1Mbps 8 Mbps 10-30 Mbps ?

Since 5G is not widely used now, we cannot be certain how fast it is in real life. Real-life factors can reduce the speed it showed during tests and some say it is also possible to have an average speed closer to 4G.


If you are considering buying an internet connection, latency is something you would have thought about at least once. Even though it is not considered to be as important as the speed of the connection, it definitely influences the final choice.

Also, what you intend to do with the internet can help you determine whether latency is crucial or not. But, what is latency?

Latency is the time required for the data to reach the user after it was requested to the server. In simple words, it is the time taken between your click and the search result. For example, if you have googled for “Eiffel Tower”, the time required for the results to show on your screen is the latency.

If you are a gamer who needs the internet to win games or someone who needs to continuously browse, having a small latency is important. However, if you are planning to only watch videos, a slightly high latency would not bother you. Such people will be concerned about their videos loading on time and it playing seamlessly.

5G networks are claimed to have high speed and premium latency with which functions such as downloading will be completed in seconds. It’s due to the low latency that new innovations like IoT were born.

Generation 2G 3G 4G 5G
Latency 300-1000 ms 100-500 ms 50-100ms 1-10ms

How long does it take to download an app? The latency and speed of the network will determine how quickly an app will be downloaded. Although, we cannot be sure about the time taken to download in 5G networks. Theoretically, it is supposed to take lesser than 1 second.

How good will the streaming be? The speed of the network will determine the quality of the streaming. Streaming is basically the downloading of a video while you are watching it. It provides you uninterrupted watching experience. If the speed of your network is slow and you are watching a video on a platform that adjusts the quality of the video itself, you will see that the sound and visuals of the video become blurred.

With 5G, you should be able to watch the perfect video in the highest quality possible.


There is no use of the speed and latency of 5G if it does not have the proper coverage in your area. As 5G is still not available in the market for the public, most of the present mobile devices are based on 4G LTE which is not bad. In case you have a signal strength issue with the 4G network, which will affect everything you do on the internet, you can buy a 4G LTE booster to amplify the signals from the service tower.