What Are The Reasons For Bad Cell Reception At Home?

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You may hate it when you are on an important call and connection breaks unexpectedly. It may be because of bad cell reception. In this age where you depend on electronic gadgets for our everyday work, good cell reception is very essential.

 It is a habit to blame on network providers for bad cell reception but the reason for this could be the obstruction from the nearest cell tower. The complaints on bad cell reception are very common. There are many possible reasons for bad cell reception at home. In this article, we will talk about the most common reasons for call drops and slow data speed.

Buildings or construction material

You often see the problem of getting better cell reception outside our building rather than inside. This may because of certain building materials, insulation, wires, different metals, glass etc. The signals reaching to you through these materials would be of very bad quality.


Losing signal in underground places or subways is common. Either this or natural blockages like hills, tall trees blocks the signals to our cell. Tall building, heavy downpour, storms, even heavy pollution can be a cause to the loss of signal.

Distance from cell tower

New cell towers are being built even then while travelling you often reach places where you are geographically very far from the tower to get cell reception. Misalignment in cell towers may create packets of places where there is no cell reception at all.

Bouncing of signals

This arises when signals reflect on walls and other barriers .the signals may lose its strength and when it reaches your cell it would be very weak.

How To Improve Signal Strength At Home?

You have many ways to improve the cell reception. Changing your location, working outside, using Wi-Fi all are methods of getting better signal but the most convenient method is to get a cell phone booster. A cell phone repeater amplifies the signal received so that you may not face call drops. You will also get increased data speed and better cell reception.

Inside antenna, amplifier, and outside antenna are the main components of a signal booster system. The purpose of the outside antenna is to receive the weak outside signal and send it to the amplifier. The amplifier will boost the strength of the signal and the inside antenna rebroadcasts the boosted signal inside the house. Then you can enjoy uninterrupted calls and internet on your mobile devices at home.