Methods To Get Better Signal On Phones

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster

At times, cell phones are tricky. If you have clicked for this, you may be the unlucky few whose cell phone and cell service providers are giving you a hard time. With so much of our lives hinged on cell phones, slow data speed, weak reception and constant dropped calls can be nerve wracking. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to turn the tables and improve your cell data speeds and ensure clearer calls.

Certified Methods That Will Yield Results

  • Get You A Cell Phone Signal Booster

We can’t stress this enough. If you want a long-term solution that is guaranteed to solve your connectivity issues, then it is advised that you buy a call booster. A cell phone signal booster does exactly as it is named- it boosts weak signals and distributes the stronger signal inside homes, vehicles or businesses. They work on all networks and there are no recurring fees needed. The only price you have to pay is when you buy it, and you are in the clear. Plus, call boosters cost depending on your requirement and can be as low as a £100. For a long term solution such as this, it is worth the investment.

  • Make Use Of Wi-Fi Calling

Making calls over a steady and secure Wi-Fi connection can help negate all of your existing network woes. Even if you don’t have a reception you can make clear calls with Wi-Fi.

  • Update Your Phone’s Software

Your phone’s operating system (OS) needs to be kept updated with the latest patches. These updates ensure that new functionalities pertaining to your connectivity are installed and your software is not left in the lurch. Be sure to tick this off, before you read the rest.

  • Reset Your Network Setting

This is sort of a last resort. Your phone saves the details of the network tower it is connected to. This is to ensure that power is not lost trying to switch to another tower. This means that even if another tower that has a stronger signal broadcasting from it is near you, your phone will still be hooked to the much slower one. Simply reset your network settings. You can either switch OFF the phone and restart, or turn the airplane mode ON and OFF. This will force the phone to begin searching for a nearby tower with a decent signal.

  • Check Your Phone For Damage

Inspect your phone for any fall damage. If you see something, visit the nearest service centre and get it repaired or exchanged, if you phone is still covered under the warranty policy.