How To Install A Portable Cell Phone Signal Booster In Your Car?

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Sometimes when we travel in a car or other vehicles, we won’t get reliable cell reception on+ our phones and we get really frustrated about it. A bad cell reception leads to dropped calls, slow data speeds, and undelivered text messages. Mainly this happens when we travel too far from a cell tower or because of some obstructions like hills, tall trees, and buildings that block the signals.

You can improve the cell reception to an extension if you stop the car and step out of it. But that doesn’t always work. You best way to ensure a good cell reception while traveling in a car is to install a cell phone booster inside the car.

Installing A Portable Cell Phone Booster In Car

Most of the in-vehicle portable cell phone booster consists of a booster, adjustable window mount, adhesive booster base, magnetic cradle antenna, metal plates, and a power supply. The adjustable window mount is used for mounting the booster to the car window. Or if you want to mount the booster in a flat horizontal base, you can use the adhesive booster base. Experts usually recommend a window mount for trucks and SUVs, and adhesive booster base for sedans.

Mounting The Booster With A Window Mount

The adjustable window mount is mainly used in cars to mount boosters. To mount the booster, first loosen the nut at the top of the booster and then insert the ball arm on the adjustable window mount into that small opening. For getting a good reception, place the booster high and centered on the window. Then adjust the arms of the booster for placing it in a vertical orientation. When you find the right location, press the suction up and tighten the nuts.

Mounting The Booster With The Booster Base

You need to find a flat horizontal surface in the back window for mounting the booster using a booster base. First, place the booster close to the window and face the booster to the front of the vehicle. When you mount the booster, make sure that it is mounted vertically. Installing a booster at a horizontal angle will decrease its performance.

Placing The Cradle Antenna

With the universal vent clip on the back of the back, you can place the cradle antenna on any vent. You can also place the antenna in a cup holder or on the centre console. After placing the antenna wrap the cable from the antenna to the booster.  The next step is to connecting the cradle antenna into a power port using a USB cable. You will start getting good signal on your phone when the light at the bottom of the antenna and at the back of the booster turns up.