How To Get Better Internet Speed?

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We are living in a time where social interactions, official meetings, business deals, casual get-togethers, etc happen via the internet. During this lockdown period, most of us are either working or watching Netflix. In short, almost all of our day is spent in front of the laptop, mobile, or television which continuously uses the internet.

The slowing down of services is inevitable when internet traffic increases. You might be in the middle of a video call when the video pauses or you could be watching your favorite show on Amazon Prime when the buffering symbol appears. What makes your internet slow? Read ahead to know.

Why Is Your Internet Slow?

There are many factors that influence the speed of the internet and hence, the reason why you might experience slow internet connectivity cannot be precisely pointed out. Usually, the distance from the tower to the phone and signal blocking materials like concrete, makes the internet slow.

There are a few things that might help you get the internet speed you need and getting a cellular signal booster is the most effective way. Cellular signal boosters amplify the signals from the cellular tower and make it stronger for your phone to use, which will increase the internet speed.

You can also improve your internet strength by changing a few things around the house and the settings in your device. Below are a few things that will help your internet connection to remain strong so that you can use the internet without any hiccups. If none of the below tips helps, then you might have to get a mobile signal booster.

How To Get Better Internet Connectivity On Your Phone?

Clear Your Browser History

A crowded browser history might be the reason why your browsing speed is slow. Go to the “Settings” and select the icon of the browser you use (example Safari). Select the button that says “Clear History and Website Data”.  Try to clear your history regularly to speed up the same.

Close All Working Apps

We tend to leave apps working in the background even when we are not actually using them. This will disrupt the overall performance of the phone and will slow it down.  Therefore, close the apps which you are not using to get better data speeds. You can restart your phone or switch on the “Flight Mode” and then turn it off, if you do not notice any change after closing the apps.

Outdated OS

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the operating system so as to avoid any problems.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

When you turn this setting off, only those apps you use regularly will update automatically. By turning this feature off, you can prevent the unnecessary use of data and working of apps in the background.