Dropped Calls And Bad Reception? Why Does It Happen?

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Although we live in the digital age, a barely lit signal bar at the corner of your phone screen will kick you all the way back to the stone ages. It is both the combination of smart phone tech and wireless network capabilities that enable phones to do so much. If it weren’t for the connectivity, your phone would be comparable to a glorified MP4 player. Nothing more and nothing less!

No more booking cabs to get to work. No more ordering take-outs online. No more watching the online news telecast for the day and definitely no binge watching series on the go. Things get even more frustrating when you are in the middle of an important call or a video conference with a foreign business client, and the signal bars drop like a sack of potatoes leaving your contemplating on strangling your phone had it been a person!

But really, is there anything we can do than just be victims of dropped calls and terrible reception? I’m sure you must have had the thought before. Change your phone or Change your network? Neither. What you need is a signal booster and that too ASAP!

Before we jump into that, let us first understand the host of reasons that cause these to happen. Read on…

Why Dropped Calls And Bad Reception?

The Cell Tower Location

The distance to your nearest cell tower will tell you a lot about how strong your received signal is. This is why when you head out to the woods or to the countryside, the signal generally tends to get weaker. But is everyone having this problem, or is it just you? Ask with your friends that have different network providers if they are facing the same problem as you. One provider with a poor signal would mean that there are not enough cell towers to go around for everyone.

But if multiple providers are vouching the same problem of poor signal then it could mean that something else is creating that zone of dead spot.

Continuously Varying Signal Strength

It might have happened to you when you walked around the living room and found decent reception and the minute you step into the kitchen or bedroom the signal reception plummets. If this is situation you connect with, then it could mean that your provider has sufficient coverage but is losing quality as a result of interference from building’s material or even the floor plan.

The Building’s Layout

The way most buildings are designed is to ensure that there is optimal cell reception throughout the building. There are plenty of things that can havoc an otherwise perfectly good reception such as cement walls, metal, glass, cramped tiny rooms and as well as other electronic devices such as printers and servers that can disrupt the signal. Large buildings generally fall prey to this problem as you may have noticed in the case of hospitals, manufacturing plants, educational buildings and warehouses.

Interference Caused By Objects

Large inanimate objects such as a towering sky scraper or an oak tree right across from where you are, could be the cause for poor signal strength. Even the most minute of obstacles can also be the reason for a weak signal reception. If others using your same network provider have good reception, then it is fine to assume that the building materials is the cause for poor signal. It could be anything from wire insulation, decorative waterfall, metallic water pipes and conduit, thick foliage of plants or wire meshing; all of these can be to blame for the bad reception.


You might have noticed when you go to a large stadium or a large gathering, the quality of the call if you do receive one is terrible. The minute you step out from the crowd the reception gets much better and the call is better audible. The reason for this is the network traffic. A particular cell tower can a bandwidth of the number of active connections it can entertain without drop in quality. When the number goes beyond the permissible, the cellular tower may not be able to support the demand!

One Stop Solution: Cell Signal Booster

You can’t change the material of your building once you have changed, right? So what can you do? Buy yourself a cell signal booster and the solution will present itself. Cell phone boosters are devices that take the weak signal from the vicinity and enhance it so your phone doesn’t have to do it. This ensures that you have continuous cellular reception throughout the house or office.

Further, there are portable forms of the same that allow you to carry them around the house, that which are potential dead spots such as basements or backyards.

Bid your communication worries goodbye as cell signal booster will do more than just give you peace of mind!