Commonly Seen Signal Booster Installation Mistakes

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Installing a mobile signal booster is considered as the ultimate solution for all network issues in an area, household, or a building. However, even after installing the signal booster, some people have reported that the signal receptions in their place have not improved. This can happen because of many reasons. The following are a few mistakes that can happen during the installation of a signal booster system which can result in poor signal amplification and interception.

Wrong Amplifier

There are so many different types of amplifiers. Some of them are exclusively designed for rural areas while others are made to solve signal reception problems in urban areas. The main difference in this component of the signal booster system is their signal reception and broadcasting capacity. The signal amplifier used in commercial spaces and households is also different. Therefore, choosing the wrong amplifier will result in improper functioning of the signal booster. Replacing the amplifier or tuning the existing component properly might solve the issue of signal reception after installing a signal booster.

Wrong Outside Antenna

There are so many things to consider before installing a signal booster system such as the number of users and location of the building, to name a few. A signal booster functions by intercepting weak signals from its surrounding and strengthening it with the help of a signal amplifier. For this system to work properly, it is necessary to install an appropriate antenna suitable for the location. Therefore, using the wrong type of antenna will affect its efficient functioning. Placing the antenna at a wrong location or away from the direction of the nearest mobile tower may also affect its working.

Cable Issues

Mobile signal booster can be purchased either as a complete package with all the necessary components or you can assemble the components as per the needs. If a person is buying a pre-packed signal booster system, there may not be any cable issues because the appropriate cable will be in the package. One of the biggest mistakes committed by people while assembling their booster system is that they might choose the wrong connecting cable. The length and even the quality of the connecting cable can result in malfunctioning of the signal booster system.

Placement Of Indoor Antenna

You must be careful not only during the placement of the outside antenna but also while installing the inside antenna. It is because fixing the inside antenna in a wrong location might not improve the signal strength of an area. Some antennas are designed to broadcast signals to a small area like a room while others are efficient in improving signals of the whole building. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the type of antenna and place it in the proper location. People must also make sure to keep an appropriate distance between the inside and outside antenna.

Building Material

It is always better to seek the assistance of a professional to analyze the area or building and to choose the appropriate signal booster. It is because there are so many things within a building that can reduce the strength of signals broadcasted by the signal booster system. Even the building material and glass windows of a house might reduce the signal broadcast of the booster. However, placing the external antenna away from these interferences can help solve the issue. But in some cases, it might require proper optimization of the antenna to reduce signal loss. Covering the surroundings of the antenna with reflective materials like aluminum sheets might also help in reducing signal interference.

Network Type

Most of the signal boosters are designed to amplify only a single type of network. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing a signal booster. If you are having trouble making phone calls due to signal issues in an area, it would be better to install a 3G booster. However, if you are in need of a faster internet connection, a 4G booster would be ideal. In short, choosing the wrong signal booster might not effectively boost the signal and your signal issues will remain unchanged.

Carrier Optimization

Some signal boosters are designed to amplify signals of multiple carriers while others are made to amplify only a single carrier. It is important to understand the type of booster and choose the same as per your needs. In households and private properties, where the number of users is less and all the users using the same carrier, the second type of signal booster will be ideal. However, if the number of users is more, it would be better to install a multi-carrier booster. If your multi-carrier booster is not amplifying signals of all required networks, optimizing the amplifier will solve the issue.

The above mentioned are a few common mistakes that can occur while choosing and installing a signal booster. As mentioned earlier in this article, it is ideal to engage an expert for the installation of a booster system as it can help reduce the chances of mistakes.