Cellular Signal Issues: Causes And Solutions

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Issues
Cellular Signal Issues

Issues in the cellular network affect you in several ways. Your voice calls might drop, internet browsing would progress at a sloth’s pace and texts could take even an hour to deliver. The underlying cause of all of these issues is weak cellular reception, but what causes it in the first place?

In this article, we list out the possible causes of poor cellular reception and suggest feasible solutions to the same.

What Causes Poor Cellular Reception?

Some of the crucial factors that can affect the strength of cellular reception include:

  • Distance Between Cell Phone And Cell Tower: The signal from a cell tower has a fixed range up to which it is received with appreciable strength. The signal strengths begin to drop after crossing this particular range. Farther your cell phone is from your carrier’s transmitting tower, weaker will be the signals on your cell phone. Locations that do not have a cell tower nearby will have poor cellular reception.
  • Construction Materials Used In The Building: Some materials used in the construction of buildings have a signal-blocking nature that leads to a significant difference between outdoor and indoor signal strengths. Concrete, metals, and low-E glass are some of the signal blocking construction materials.
  • Geographical Features Of Your Location: Hilly and remote places often report poor signal strengths due to the lack of cell towers in proximity. Hills and mountains standing in between your location and cell tower will have an adverse impact on cellular reception.
  • Forest Cover At Your Place: Cellular signals get attenuated on penetrating thick forest cover. If you live in a forested region, signal strengths will be significantly reduced.
  • Traveling Between Cell Towers: When you are in a moving vehicle, our phone changes connections between cell towers. A cell tower can only support a specific number of cell phones at a time. If your phone connects to a cell tower that is already full, the strength of cellular reception will be less.

Solution To Signal Issues

Out of all solutions you can choose to solve cellular signal issues, we recommend installing a cell phone booster. The device is more like a repeater that takes in available cellular signals in your region, boosts it, and rebroadcasts the amplified signals to our cell phones. It works by means of an external antenna, amplifying unit, and an indoor antenna.

Investing in a cellular signal booster is worthwhile primarily because of its affordability and high efficacy.